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  • Can Total Ledger Control work with my accountant?
    Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. We believe in building strong relationships with our customer’s accountants so that you receive high quality, relevant information.
  • Why do I need a bookkeeper?
    Here are some reasons to engage a bookkeeper and not do the books yourself: they can save you time by taking care of tasks like invoicing, reviewing and checking of financial records; a bookkeeper can keep you up to date with your GST and PAYG and Superannuation obligations and avoid penalties and fees. a bookkeeper can improve your accuracy and reduce errors in your financial reports and statements; a bookkeeper can provide you with insights and advice on your cash flow, profitability, and performance. a bookkeeper lets you focus on growing your business, while they use their expertise and accuracy to record your financial transactions .
  • What if I only want basic bookkeeping or maybe my BAS prepared?
    You can choose as much or as little of your accounts management as you require. If you only need basic data entry and monthly bank reconciliation, or full management of your accounts, including creditors, payroll, debtors and BAS managed, we can provide you with the solution.
  • What software programs do you use?
    We are proficient in both Xero and MYOB.
  • Where are you located?
    Our offices are in Melbourne, Australia. We offer full remote services country wide or can provide onsite bookkeeping services, dependant on location.
  • How do I sign up for Total Ledger Control services?
    Please call us on+61 0438 922 499 or +61 0421 085 584 or email us at
  • I don't have time to scan or email my information to you
    To ensure we can update your books, we need a minimum of information from you. If done regularly it saves you time and money in the long run. The more frequently you do this the more up to date your books are. To save the cost and time of emailing and scanning receipts, we recommend: your suppliers email your invoices to you and you auto forward them to us. Alternatively, your suppliers can email us a copy of your invoices directly. Use apps to take a photo of receipts and bills when you are out of the office File sharing software to share documents with us.
  • I'm not comfortable with email or scanning, can I still use Total Ledger Control?
    We can fully train you or any of your staff with the basic skills necessary for remote work. It is a very simple and time efficient way of ensuring a paperless and secure work environment.
  • If I use a bookkeeper, will I still need an accountant?
    Yes, you will need the services of both as they perform very different roles. Essentially, your bookkeeper will process all your business transactions including; Data entry of bills and invoices Reconciliation of bank accounts Payroll processing Reconciling and chasing accounts receivable and accounts payable Management reports etc. Accountants provide tax and accounting advice as opposed to the day to day data entry. They complete the annual financial statements and tax returns and ensure these statements comply with commercial and tax law.


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